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Our family has owned a Tesla now for approx. 3.5 years, with our 2018 Tesla Model 3 LR RWD being our first. As you know, we now added a 2021 Model 3 SR+ this past fall. Over the years we have downloaded and updated our Model 3s with the latest software updates as they were released. Each time for the most part, the releases were steps in the right direction with minor complaints that we could live with. However, this most recent release seems like a huge step backwards with some added functionality that we've been waiting on being released for awhile.

Things we like:
  • Blind spot cameras - This is a very good move by Tesla as their previous reliance on just the red lines and vehicle visualization area was very subpar. It would throw a lot of errors and sometimes show a car there when there wasn't or even not show a car, when there actually was. Now by enabling the actual cameras, you can check for yourself. I just wish they would have put it over the map in a large screen rather than over the visualization area.
  • User shortcut area - The ability to place the 4 apps of the driver's choosing was a very good move. I use Bluetooth audio a lot and now I can get there in just one click. Wish they would push it to 5-6 apps though.
Things we dislike:
  • Reliance on Car Settings Menu - Prior to this update, you could open/close your garage, view wi-fi, and more all at the touch of a single button at the top of the screen. Getting rid of these, they instead opt to make you go into the car setting menu for everything. Its a lot harder to find what you are looking for and involves more steps. Windshield wipers should never be buried in a menu!
  • Look - The overall look of the UI looks like its from the early 2000s. I feel like it went completely in the wrong direction and is just plain ugly.
  • Moving speedometer AGAIN - They need to pick an area for the speedometer and leave it there. Moving it all over the place is getting old. And honestly it should be a lot larger.
  • Removal of vehicle cards - The ability to view your tire pressure, mileage cards, and more was very convienent. Now, you must go into the car settings menu. More steps and harder to view the information.

Favorite change: Blind spot cameras
Least Favorite change: Reliance on the car setting menu

Moving forward we hope that Tesla realizes their mistakes and corrects them within the next few updates. Only time will tell, but right now, we can't wait for the next update so that some of these choices are corrected.


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