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One of the significant oversights made by many EV buyers is the difference between traveling with an internal combustion vehicle versus an electric vehicle. Before having our EVs, taking a trip was as easy as packing up the needed items and driving out of the driveway. There was minimal planning required, and it could be a split-second decision. However, now owning just EV's, that has changed.

1) Chargers - Obviously, an electric vehicle needs to charge for driving any distance. Usually, you will charge it thoroughly before leaving home, giving you optimal distance before you have to stop again. But then you must plan your trip around the chargers. If you want to do off-roading or rural traveling, this might make it more difficult. Thankfully, our EV's offer in-vehicle routing to include how many chargers are open at any given time. The in-vehicle routing makes it very convenient to plan and pick your chargers. Other EV brands offer similar options, but most use third-party chargers. This can make it very time-consuming and frustrating as you find full chargers, out-of-order chargers, etc.

2) Time - Currently, charging takes far longer than filling up your internal combustion engine with gasoline. This is improving each year and hopefully will eventually be similar, but we must deal with it until further developments become available. Therefore, a trip that would typically take 12 hours on the Interstate suddenly might take 14-15 hours, depending on how fast your EV charges. For example, a trip from Las Vegas to Denver on the quickest route takes approximately just under 12 hours with a gasoline vehicle. However, take an EV, and suddenly that increases to roughly 14.5 hours!

3) No Grill? One of the first things we realized when taking our Tesla Model 3 on a road trip is that the front bumper gets plastered with splattered bugs. There is no grill like a typical ICE vehicle, so every bug that hits ends up all of your front bumpers. Try to have a no water wash kit handy to get them off quickly each time you charge. This helps avoid more work down the road when trying to wash your vehicle.

App Assistance
One of the significant advantages of living in the technology-driven world that we currently live in is smartphones and apps. Most charging apps available on the app stores offer a great way to plan your trips ahead of time. For example, one of the best trip planners for EVer's is A Better Route Planner. It offers realistic range expectations, takes into account weight and battery capacity reduction, and more!

Other apps such as Plugshare, or even your in-vehicle navigation, offer routing through charging stations. This takes out the trouble of figuring out mileage driven versus remaining and gives live updates if you see your range dropping quicker than expected.

Check out our top EV apps section for an up-to-date list of services we believe you should check out.

Destination Charging
This is your best friend when traveling away from home and has saved us multiple times. Destination charging is where your hotel/motel offers to chargers at their facility. It might be free of charge or cost, but it provides convenience. Wake up in the morning, and your car is fully charged and ready to go. You don't have to stop after breakfast before you hit the road! Be aware that some place them within the valet area to use, so make sure to ask the hotel or check their website.

Roadside Assistance
Please, please, please, be aware that most EVs do not include a spare tire to help reduce the vehicle's weight. Or, if they do, it is a short-distance spare designed to get you to the next service center. So make sure you review your EV's roadside assistance offerings and have a tire kit handy. In addition, the equipment should include flares and triangles to alert other drivers if you get stranded in the travel lane.

Although a short and to-the-point overview of traveling in EVs, we feel this covers the basics. It is essential to realize the differences and overcome these differences before hitting the road the first time.

We'd love to hear your trip experiences with your EVs below or within our 'Trips, journals, & logs' forum on the main page!


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Oct 12, 2021
You make it seem as if EVs are horrible for travel. Where are the pros such as great ride, looks from everyone, saving the planet, etc?


Oct 9, 2021
Las Vegas
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21' Model 3 SR+
It's not a pros and cons list but tips to think of before leaving

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