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The EPA released new MPG standards that every manufacturer must comply with by the year 2026 (source). These new standards mean that by 2026, which is almost only 4 years away, the average MPG for vehicles sold by each company must be 40 MPG. However, a few key points should be noted from the new announcement and why its not really a good way to measure success towards cleaner vehicles.

1) It is only an average of the vehicles sold.
It does not mean that every vehicle sold has to get 40 MPG which is actually should be. Instead, the average of all their vehicles must come to 40 MPG. Therefore, they can produce some high MPG vehicles and some low MPG vehicles and still meet that goal. For instance, Toyota has the Corolla Hybrid, Prius, and Camry Hybrid all bringing their average up, while their Tundra brings it down. It is a false sense of requiring higher efficiency vehicles. In the US, a lot of manufacturers are actually discontinuing sedans and high MPG vehicles, instead opting for low MPG, large trucks and SUVs. If we have the ability to create vehicles that get 40 MPG, why not produce only those? We know the answer to that, profits.

2) You are able to buy credits from other manufacturers to meet that standard
If you didn't know it already, most legacy manufacturers have been buying credits from those that have high MPG vehicle averages, in order to meet their needed averages. Tesla actually makes more from these credit sales, than the actual sales of their vehicles (source). So by Tesla and other EV manufacturers selling theses credits, its allowing low MPG vehicles to still be sold. Not a very good measure of success in my opinion.

3) Other areas of the world measure tailpipe emissions, yet the US is measuring MPG
Europe and other parts of the world measure the actual amount of emissions put out of the tailpipe of the vehicle. In the US, we measure it by the MPG. This does nothing to bring down the actual pollutants put into our air we breathe, but rather just the amount of gasoline we use to make it a certain distance. This is not the correct way to be making our planet green....we need to be making efforts towards both of those measurements.

Is it a step in the right direction? Absolutely. But it is a false sense of success to bring up vehicle efficiency and bring pollution down. We need to be doing more and promoting the adoption of only EVs rather than gasoline vehicles.


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Oct 12, 2021
It's a step in the right direction. Continuously increasing our MPG standards will decrease out reliance on fossil fuels until EV adoption is mainstream. The EV credits are what prolly saved Tesla from going under, so they are very necessary as new startups are hard to get off the ground in a developed marketplace

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